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I have been so fortunate to love the work I do.  I graduated many moons ago (23 years), receiving honours in Graphic Design and have been working in the field of design and advertising ever since. Earlier in my career, I started getting commissions to make handmade wedding invitations (outside of my day job of advertising), which then lead me to making greeting cards.  I always ended up whipping them out quickly for a last minute rushed birthday or wedding card and also made them as gift packs to give to friends and family.  After a few people kept suggesting I should sell them, I decided to give it a a try and sell them in local stores in Barbados and mainly at our local Brighton Farmer's Market.  With a full time job and two kids in tow, it wasn't always easy to manage the extra time needed to commit to the gift card business 100%.  Now that the kids are older and I have a little more free time, I decided to take the cards online.  The illustrations are done by me and I I also like to throw in some fun quirky quotes with simple clean typographic design.

I hope you enjoy browsing the cards !

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